How To apply

Step 1 - Soap Bath!

Aren't you going to taking a million pictures and uploading them to Instagram once you are done with this process? (dont forget to #TireInk)   Of course you are!  Might as well wash your car now.  Pay special attention to your wheels and tires.  Scrub the tires to perfection!


Step 2 - Prep the Tires

Your tires have been through a lot, whether they are 10,000 miles old or 1 mile old.  Your tires from the factory have lots of oils/grease on them to keep them looking perfect while they are being shipped and warehoused.  Oil/grease need to be removed from the surface of where you want to use the Tire Ink pens.  The best way to do this is with Acetone, a solvent based cleaner that is available from your local hardware store.  You will want to apply it to a microfiber or household rag, and wipe the tires until no more Black colored oil/grease comes off the tire.


Step 3 - Get the pen ready

These pens have a 2-sided tip, a fine tipped side and a larger tipped side.  For raised letters, the larger tip is perfect, and already situated in the pen straight from us.   Some tires have recessed or in-set letters, which the smaller fine tip is perfect for.  You'll want to simply pull the tip out and flip it around.  Now that the tip has been chosen, give that pen a good shake, around 30 seconds or so to make sure the paint inside is nice and mixed.  


Step 4 - Prime the pen

In order to get the ink flowing, you will need to prime the pen.  Simply use a flat clean surface to press the pen down multiple times until the ink starts to appear.  you will need to do this periodically during the process in order to keep consistent and even layer of ink.


Step 5 - Writing on the tires

Now is the fun part!  With a steady hand, using short strokes, start by outlining the edges of the letters first, before moving to the inside.  Work letter by letter, and after 1 go around of all your tires, the first one should be dry.  The ink typically takes 5-10 minutes to dry.  Once fully dry, you will want to complete a second coat.  We suggest 3 coats of Tire Ink to get a complete, consistent, and vibrant finish.  


Step 6 - Share!

Now go out there and show off, and take pride in your tires!  Don't forget to #tireInk, @tireink, and email us photos for a chance to have us reshare it on our social media!