Our story

As fellow car enthusiasts, we’re always changing and improving the way our rides look and drive. Tire Ink was developed out of a necessity for more affordable, easier to apply solution for putting text on your tires. While other pens are on the market, few were designed for writing on tires, and those that are, are unmatched by Tire Inks’ quality and customer experience!

Our design

Tire Ink was designed and developed to be the easiest way possible to give your vehicle that racecar/motorsports look. Inspired by our love of high-performance racing, we’ve developed Tire Ink to be a truly long-lasting, affordable and easy to apply solution to give your tires a colorful accent for as long as you want. With 5 different colors to choose from and a double sided writing tip, you’re sure to find the look you want without breaking the bank or spending all day applying them


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With proper care, Tire Ink can last up to one year.

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Tire Ink has enough ink to paint One set of tires (4 tires). 1 Pen will cover the brand name or the model number.  If you would like to do BOTH the Brand and Model Number, we would suggest TWO Tire ink Pens.

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Do not worry! While Tire Ink is permanent, it can easily be removed with the Acetone or paint thinner. We suggest using a Q-tip and lightly wiping it on the affected spot.

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Yes, but please use water based tire shine. Some tire shine have solvents that can affect the finish of the Tire Ink.

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If a simple soapy water bath is not working, we would suggest using rubbing alcohol.

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