Abrasive Padded Blending Disc 5-Pack


The Gold Label Detailing Abrasive Blending Discs are the perfect tool for every profession painter. With multiple sized pads and many different grits, you will achieve a showroom smooth finish. Remove nibs, debris, dust and orange peel, while keeping the fresh paint in good condition. The padded hook and look backing will assist in applying even pressure.

  • SANDING DISCS - Remove Orange Peel, Nibs, Debris, and Dust Quickly
  • HIGH QUALITY - Create a Showroom Smooth Finish Using Our Multiple Stage Grits
  • EASY TO USE - Use wet OR dry, Hook and Loop Backing
  • 5 PACK - Available in 3" or 6" For DA Orbital Polisher attachments
  • MULTIPLE GRITS - 1000, 3000 and 5000 Grit Sandpaper