Radar Detector 10ft Hardwire Kit


Easily Connect multiple types of Radar Detectors including Escort Passport, Max, Max 360, 8500 X50, Solo S2, 7500S 8500, 7500, 6800, Valentine 1, and Uniden. Simply run the wire along the headliner from your windshield to your fuse box in the glove box. WIth 3 different types of Tap-A-Fuses, you will have the correct one you need to put into the appropriate fuse. It is suggested to use an Accessory, cigarette lighter, or another "ignition triggered" fuse so that it turns off when the car is off.

  • HARDWIRE KIT- 10Ft Wire With 3x Tap-a-fuse and 3x 5a Fuses
  • PLUG AND PLAY - No Soldering or tapping wires
  • MULTIPLE FUSE SIZES - Tap-A-Fuse in 3 Common Sizes ATC, Mini, and Low Profile Mini
  • FUSES INCLUDED - Comes With 5a Fuse For Each Tap-A-Fuse
  • FITS MULTIPLE RADAR DETECTORS - Escort, Valentine 1, Uniden