Tire and Fender Liner Brush


Gold Label Detailing Tire Brush is the perfect tool for your tire detailing needs. The Chemical Resistant bristles are perfect for use with your favorie tire cleaner and shine. Easily reach deep within the tire tred, wheel wells, and fender liner to scrub away dirt, oil, grease, salt, and more. The ergonomic handle will make for easy cleaning and protection of your knuckles. The Easy to clean white bristles allow to easily identify how much contaminants are coming off your tire.

  • TIRE BRUSH - Easily Clean Car Truck ATV Tires
  • CHEMICAL RESISTANT - Perfect For Use With Your Favorite Tire Cleaner and Tire Shine
  • FENDER LINER CLEANING - Easily Manage Hard To Reach Underbody Panels For Cleaning
  • SCRATCH FREE BRISTLES - Hard But Gentle Nylon Bristles For Damage Free Use
  • ERGONOMIC - Long Handle That Protects Your Hands From Touching Tire/Wheel