Vinyl Wrapping Accessory Kit


The essential kit for applying vinyl stickers and vinyl wrap. The included squeegee is the main tool you need to ensure a bubble free application. WIth a felt scratch guard installed, you wont have to worry about damage while installing. The Vinyl slicer is the best way to cut vinyl with just 1 hand. Simply pull the blade towards you and safely cut in a straight line without danger. The 30 degree blade is the blade of choice for professional vinyl wrap installers. Its aggressive angle will ensure a sharp, drag free cut. This will assist with a pressure free cut. Also included is a 10 pack of replacement blades. Once the blade is dull, simply break off the edge and move to the next blade. This will essentially give you 80 fresh cutting blades.

  • 4 ITEM KIT - Vinyl Squeegee, Vinyl Slicer, 30 degree retractable blade, 10x replacement blades
  • FELT EDGE VINYL SQUEEGEE - Safely remove air bubbles with this high quality squeegee
  • VINYL SLICER - Easily trim vinyl off the roll with 1 hand using the slicer
  • 30 DEGREE RETRACTABLE BLADE - Breakable 7 piece blade at 30 degrees for a super sharp cut
  • 10 OF REPLACEMENT BLADES - Each blade has 7 razors